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Tanuki japanese raccoon lucky charm

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TANUKI  dog/raccoon with magical powers, inspired by Japanese mythology, is considered to bring good luck in business and protect against disasters. Tanuki figurine with sake bottle in paw and credit book.
Dimensions: 6.5cm high. Material: unglazed ceramic.

NOTES: the statuette rests on its decorated washi paper sheet.

The tanuki of Japanese folklore is a magical and mysterious being. He is considered a quick-change artist, able to change shape at will. In traditional representations, the tanuki is often depicted with a friendly and playful appearance, with a big belly and a sly smile. He is often shown wearing a straw hat and a sake bottle, symbols of his happy-go-lucky nature.

Among his transformation abilities, the most common of which is the ability to transform into objects such as plates, cups or even people. This aspect of tanuki is often represented in stone sculptures and statues called "tanuki no shigaraki", which can be found throughout Japan, often placed outside restaurants or near temples for good luck.

In Japanese culture, the tanuki is considered a symbol of luck, prosperity and abundance. His image is often used as an amulet or decorative object to bring good luck in business or household. In stories and artistic representations, the tanuki is often depicted as a lively and amusing character, involved in comical or outlandish situations.

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