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Geta double wooden clogs heels flip flops black

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KIRI GETA clogs with a traditional shape with two heels that allows an original Japanese experience, in paulownia wood and "Hanao" thong strings in black padded velvet. Burnt paulownia natural wood.

Size: 27cm.

27 cm long - 11.5 cm wide - 5 cm high. From flip flop center to toe 4-4.5cm - from flip flop center to heel 22-22.5cm.
Suitable for a European 43.

Size: 26cm

26 cm long - 11.5 cm wide - 5 cm high. From the center of the flip flop to the toe 4-4.5 cm - from the center of the flip flop to the heel 21 cm.
Suitable for a European 42.

Notes: The length is from edge to edge, to find out if they are your size, measure the length of your foot with the cm.
Japanese-style socks with a 1 cm protruding heel are also good for half a size above.

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