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Bottega Giapponese is an online store of Japanese items born in 2010. In the window of our site we show all the Japanese style and character: Japanese clothing of excellence, such as Kimono, Haori, jinbei and Yukata, combined with accessories such as Obi belts, Geta shoes, Zori, and Tabi socks. The handcrafted Kokeshi dolls, the Maneki Neko, the Furin bells, the Daruma, all represent ancient legends and are a symbol of good luck. We select home accessories such as Furoshiki, Ceramics, Chopsticks, Teapots, Noren curtains, elements that give a touch of Japanese style. Le Bento, i.e. containers that are used to take food away from home, for a healthy and natural meal. In the stationery corner for creativity there are sheets of chiyogami paper for Origami, Brushes and ink for Shodo. True Japanese gift ideas. The items we offer are the sign of our careful choice, our products come directly from our Japanese suppliers.



KOKESHI from the name of Amayadori 'sheltering from the rain', wooden doll hand painted and carved by Japanese craftsmen, the kimono is deco..


YUKATA traditional Japanese women's long dress. Decorations with blue flower motif with shades on white fabric.The yukata is worn with a wid..


Hashi neko design chopsticks (B)

HASHI natural chopsticks in wood treated with lacquer, black color, drawing of maneki neko and sakura, resistant to multiple washings i..


Hashi neko design chopsticks (R)

HASHI natural chopsticks in wood treated with lacquer, red color, drawing of maneki neko and sakura, resistant to multiple washings in the d..


Tabi calze infradito taglia unica bianco

TABI Flip flop socks, simple model without designs with heel shape, one size fits all from 35 to 45. Short socks. Cotton - acrylic - nylon...


Tabi thong socks one size black

TABI Flip flop socks, simple model without designs without heel shape, one size fits all from 35 to 45. Short socks. Cotton - acrylic - nylo..


Tenugui bandana with team names

TENUGUI rectangular fabric with lettering design of the names of the historic fire extinguisher teams of the Edo period in Japan used as a b..


TENUGUI traditional rectangular cloth used as a bandana at matsuri festivals or other occasions as an accessory, as a placemat for the table..


Wooden KEY HOLDER with leather strap, the zodiac sign is written with a Japanese ideogram with the meaning of the name of the animal corresp..


KINCHAKU BAG handbag in fabric with a square base, the closure with a traditional lace, as well as being a useful accessory, goes very well ..


Sensu men's fish fan

SENSU Fan decorated with Japanese fish design.Characteristics: measures open 38 x 21 cm - closed 21 cm. Materials used: Bamboo and poly..


SENSU Fans decorated with traditional Japanese designs, the design of bamboo and dragonflies, another with flowers and butterflies.Fabr..


NOREN Japanese curtain with ideograms for the names of the various types of sushi.Notes: the curtains can be opened in the middle to make pa..


Noren big wave short Japanese curtain

NOREN Japanese ukiyo-e curtain with Hokusai's great wave design.Notes: the curtains are open in the middle to allow you to pass more comfort..


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Accessories and complete sets true Japanese lifestyle.
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Bento Momoko Japanese lacquering red

BENTO LUNCH BOX MOMOKObento container with a flower design that is repeated on 5 sides, a special lacquer harmonises and protects the colour..


Bento kokeshi hanako size Large

BENTO KOKESHI HANAKOThe shape of the bento is round with a Japanese princess Hanako design, it is made up of two compartments and a bowl, th..


Bento box in cherry blossom lacquered fabric Bento box in cherry blossom lacquered fabric

BENTO BOX with a fabric-covered, lacquered design, with a design that reproduces cherry blossoms. The bento has two compartments, one with a..


MAGEWAPPA BENTO Made entirely of cedar wood and treated with natural protective lacquer, the bento is made up of two compartments and a..


BENTO TANUKI the Bentobox is composed of two containers, a removable divider, an internal lid, the upper lid with 4-point hermetic closure.E..


Bento Pokemon Pikachu 650ml Bento Pokemon Pikachu 650ml

BENTO PIKACHU, the bento consists of a container, a removable divider and a lid with 4-point hermetic closure.Easy to carry in a handbag, br..


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  • Katoributa repels neko mosquitoes
  • kokeshi grandfather and grandmother
  • Shodo set calligrafia con borsa +Extra
  • Geta double wooden clogs heels flip flops black
  • Kaku Obi white belt
  • Sushi box set x2 bowls and sakura plates
  • Tenugui fuku neko art cherry blossom
  • Kyusu Japanese umè teapot set
  • White Yukata with flower design (Showa)
  • Noren koi carp Japanese curtain
  • Noren Japanese tent Janome (size 85x90)
  • Fuurin glass asagao flowers edo style
  • Pair of neko mugs gift set
  • Haori painted flower silk kimono jacket
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