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Catalogue Translation Surprises Japanese artist

Zori thong sandals Japanese natural black

  • 32.00€

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ZORI Black cotton thong sandals with decoration above traditional Japanese design, 'tatami' rice straw insole natural material with excellent deodorant and breathable properties and is extremely comfortable to wear, natural, anti-stress and comfortable. Sole in soft and resistant rubber. Made in Japan.

Size:  M 23 cm - L 23.5 cm adaptable approximately to a European 35 - 37. To find out if they are suitable for your size in cm, measure your foot with a tape measure and compare it with the length of the sandal. We recommend that you take a slightly larger size and consider that being sandals they are more adaptable than a normal shoe.

Color: The fabric color of the base flip flop is black, the design may vary slightly in location but not the style as seen in the photos.

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zori sandal


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