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Haori black silk kimono jacket kozuci

  • 110.00€

HAORI in smooth silk decorated with golden embroidery design of kozuci symbol of good luck and flowers on a branch, on a black background.
Traditional Japanese tailored shoulder jacket, without closures that is traditionally worn open, fastened with cords called 'haori himo'. The Haori are lined in the upper part with plain, damask or decorated fabrics with typically Japanese patterns. Haori are in the same T-shape as kimonos, and are found in smooth silk, crepe designed or with embroidery.

Length 81 cm - Shoulders 58 cm - Sleeve length 34 cm - Sleeve width 47 cm.

"Haori himo" laces to keep it fastened: not present.

Used vintage product in excellent condition.

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haori kimono


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