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Geta Wooden thong sandals (size M) Fujiko

  • 35.00€

GETA  traditional thong sandals in light wood. Cotton "hanao" flip flops are comfortable and soft with Japanese flower design. The geta represent one of the traditional footwear of the Japanese costume.

Adaptable to foot that does not exceed 24 cm in length.

'If we interpret the measure in the Japanese way, the heel can protrude up to 1 cm behind'. Another factor that affects the size is due to the shape of the foot.

Sandal size: M - Length 24.5 cm - Width 8 cm - Heel Height: 3.5 cm.

Non-slip rubber sole. Lightweight wood from the paulownia tree. Comfortable and anti-stress.

Notes: As for the fabric design on the flip flop, it may not be in the position you see in the photo but the design remains the same. 

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geta sandal


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