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Chiyogami paper sheets packaged in various decorations that recall typical designs, colors and the characteristic fabric of kimonos, suitable for creating Origami which is the art of folding paper, in Japanese manufacturing it must be noted carefully that they leave nothing to chance in fact these sheets of 15x15cm paper are used to create origami of maximum beauty with typical Japanese motifs and designs. Shodo Accessories for making Shodo calligraphy, the art of writing. Brushes, charcoal, ink and sheets suitable for creating beautiful Japanese art paintings with this technique.

Suzuri Inkwell Double-sided used on one side to dissolve the charcoal, on the other for liquid ink, a useful tool for the practice of S..


Sumi charcoal for dilution

SUMI charcoal to melt to make ink useful for the practice of traditional Shodō, the Japanese art of calligraphy which is done with brus..


Personalized name written in Japanese in the katakana, hiragana alphabet or with kanji, the latter have multiple meanings if associated with..


TANZAKU Cardboard strips for the arts of writing, painting with inks, watercolors, etc. Suitable for Shodo, Haiga, Haiku, Waka, etc.Packed i..


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