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弁当 Obento, bento is a lunch box widely used in Japan, by students at school, by workers, on trips out of town and on picnics. Prepared with great attention also on the aesthetic and visual aspect of the dishes contained, they contain rice, onigiri, tofu, vegetables, meat, fruit; creatives always give a shape to food to give it an even better look, for the little ones decorations are also made with references to cartoon characters, or symbols and shapes of their own creativity, divided by okazu or specially chosen themed dividers ; they are accompanied by condiments specially placed in mini bottles, to add more character to the bento we find the various accessories such as picks, various decorative toothpicks of a loving, sympathetic and fun nature, with egg and rice molds food is given shape 'because even the eye wants its part' for the outward appearance it usually matters a lot to match the chopsticks, napkin or purse to carry it. Mothers prepare it for their children, wives for their husbands, even girls prepare a bento for their lover, showing him the love they have for him.

EGG MOLD pack with 2 molds for making hard-boiled egg prints, a fish mold and a car mold.Instructions for use: Boil the eggs normally, peel ..


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