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Personalized name written in Japanese in the katakana, hiragana alphabet or with kanji, the latter have multiple meanings if associated with other ideograms or alphabets, the translation with kanji will be chosen using the phonetic pronunciation of the kanji most suited to the name to be translated.

- Translation by Ms. Yoshie native Japanese speaker.

You will receive the translation directly to your email address within a few hours, in high quality PDF and JPG one copy of each type, ready to print.

The handwriting used will be like the example in the photo.

- Choose the type of alphabet to use and the direction of writing between horizontal or vertical.

- If there are more than one names to be translated, write one name at a time in the "write the name to translate" box and add it to the cart, repeat for the number of names/words you want to translate, e.g. Paolo Rossi is equivalent to two translations. From the second name onwards the price decreases.

Example of the name Luigi:

流唯持 = kanji

ルイジ = katakana

るいじ = hiragana


kanji             katakana         hiragana

流                        ル                        る

 唯                       イ                        い

 持                      ジ                        じ

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