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Geta Black thong sandals with plum blossoms (size L)

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GETA black flip flops decorated with plum blossom, cotton "hanao" flip flops are comfortable and soft. Sandals made of light wood of the Asian paulownia tree,
The geta represent one of the traditional footwear of the Japanese costume.

Non-slip rubber sole, Lightweight wood from the paulownia tree. Comfortable and anti-stress.

Sandal size: 25.5 - Length 25.5 cm - Width 8 cm - Heel height: 3.5 cm. From the center of the flip flop to the toe 4cm - from the center of the flip flop to the heel 21.5cm. Adaptable to foot measuring up to 25 cm in length.

Advice: Measure your foot resting on the ground with a meter and add half a centimetre, that will be the indicative size of the sandal to take.

Notes: If we interpret the Japanese measurement, the heel can protrude up to 1cm behind. Another factor that affects the size is due to the shape of the foot. As for the fabric design on the flip flop, it may not be in the position you see in the photo but the design remains the same.

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