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Furisode Hanaguruma silk kimono

  • 360.00€

FURISODE  silk kimono with refined decorations, worn for formal occasions, decorated with designs of bouquet flowers, chariot of flowers, golden embroideries forming flowers in relief, damask silk of blue color. The inner lining has fine decorations in the lower left corner.

This Furisode is a unique garment, for a unique and special occasion an important gift or to embellish a wall. 

In the Edo period, swinging loose sleeves was a means of showing sentiment, so Furisode is the style of kimono designed for unmarried women Girls often wear Furisode in formal occasions such as wedding, tea ceremony or ceremony of coming of age. This type of kimono is made from high quality silks with vibrant colors.

Soft to the touch fabric with perception of the designs embroidered in relief.

Used vintage product.

General conditions:  Externally in excellent condition but with make-up halo on the neck, two specks of about 5 mm, and dirt spot of about 2-3 cm on the lower part. excellent interior. See attached photos.

Measurements: Length 165 cm - Shoulders 60 cm - Sleeve length 32 cm - Sleeve width 100 cm.

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